Industrial automation: innovative solutions for your business

Elbri develops and installs industrial automation systems for various fields. Thanks to the experience gained, Elbri industrial automation systems are among the safest and most reliable available on the market.
The Elbri offer includes numerous activities:
Hardware, software and mechanical design.
Electrical management and control panels.
Systems on board the machine.
Automatic equipment.
Control systems.
Electrical systems.

Our industrial automation systems are requested by many companies for the quality of the materials and constituent and construction components and for the numerous acceptance tests that are carried out which make them reliable and safe.

Thanks to the modern technologies, industrial automation systems take on an increasingly important role in every phase of product processing. Our industrial automation systems have numerous advantages that you can also apply to your business:
Programmable controls.
Activities planning.
Coordinated management.
Software management.
Data sharing.
Wide range of applications.
Custom configuration.
Plant control and monitoring.

Paying attention to creating safe and functional industrial automation systems, designed for the specific needs of each customer. Our expert technicians in the field work with great care and attention from the material selection phase to the installation and final testing of the industrial automation systems. Elbri customers can count on a qualified assistance service for industrial automation systems at any time.

Automations for industry 4.0

In recent projects, automation has been implemented following the principles of "Industry 4.0", offering numerous advantages in terms of productivity, reorganization of the systems and economic return. Furthermore, companies that invest in automation projects can benefit from a state bonus. This automation allows you to extract fundamental production data for internal evaluations, such as the quantity produced, performance and improvements made.
Software di supervisione.

Electrical systems on board the machine

Elbri creates modern electrical systems on board machines for industrial automation and for every type of application. Thanks to the quality of the materials and the accurate workmanship, the Elbri on-board machine systems are offered with:
Electrical connections on the machine.
Personalized on-site assistance.
Personalized remote assistance.
Wiring of electrical panels.
Supervision software.

The electrical systems on board machines for industrial automation are designed to resist the electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses that can occur during normal service. All components are carefully chosen, sized and assembled to ensure maximum reliability and durability over time.

Electrical systems on board machines for industrial automation

We pay particular attention to the protection of systems against liquids, dust and corrosion. Suitable materials with protective coatings are used both inside and outside the systems. For systems installed outdoors or in environments with high relative humidity and strong temperature variations, adequate precautions are adopted to prevent possible failures resulting from dangerous condensation.

In the design of the electrical systems on board the machine, particular attention is paid to the safety factor during use by the end user. The arrangement of the power, control and command conductors-cables is carefully studied to avoid unexpected interruptions due to disturbances in the management signals. Safety is considered fundamental and is carefully tested at the end of the construction of the systems.

Elbri is a reliable partner for the design, selection and installation of electrical systems. In addition to the problems previously listed, Elbri is able to address and resolve numerous other crucial aspects that arise during the construction process of electrical systems. Thanks to our experience and knoweledge, we can guarantee the creation of safe electrical systems that comply with the highest quality and safety standards.
Software di supervisione.

Important components

From a functional point of view, the electrical systems on board the machine are made up of two fundamental parts:
Active parts intended for the construction of the various electrical circuits;
Mechanical parts intended to displace, support, protect and make the active parts functional, through appropriate connection and completion accessories.

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