Realization and overhauling of the electrical systems
Our technical department employ experts that are able doing feasibility studies, drawing the wiring diagram in cooperation with our customers, developing and realizing the electrical system and the functioning software, installing and guarantying after-sale (remote and on-site) maintenance services.

info automazione industriale



Software and supervision’s pc for industrial automations
Our programmers, thanks to training courses, are able to realize customized software and supervision’s pc, which concern a wide range of applications: alimentary sector, mechanical sector, medical sector, robotic sector.

info automazione industriale

Technical assistance
Our technical department is able to offer the following services all over Italy and abroad:

  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (remote and on-site)
  • repairing of existing systems (which are made by us and also by other firms)
  • product support
  • hot line

The purpose of our service is to give you a competent and efficient assistance, qualified and durable, able to ensure the productive keeping of the system, with repair actions, training and product assistance. The most important electric systems have also “teleassistance”. This service works through telematic supports wherever the system is located, with a short term reaction and also cutting costs. Our technicians will be able to reach your system directly from our office, as if they were at your site. Through the teleassistance we will be able to monitoring and check the system operation, find out possible failures, update the software and make functional modifications. All this in short time and without going out of our office!

Consulting service

Software and supervision’s pc for industrial automations
We also offer consulting services such as:

  • technical advice for preliminary feasibility studies, investment costs, free estimate
  • check-up of our technical office for the project
  • support in the project, in the choice of materials and production technologies
  • verification of the system according to the current EU standards
  • specific technical advice
  • technical documentation: user and maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, declaration of conformity, and so on
  • suppliers research

Civil and industrial electrical systems and medium-voltage cabin

Industrial automation services and electrics plants


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